After sales

We hope and expect you to be fully satisfied with your purchases. This way you may order again and tell your friends and colleagues about our site and how easy it is to order top quality merchandise at affordable prices. However, we understand that sometimes there may be problems. The clothing may not fit, may not be what you expected or in rare cases may be faulty.

In these cases all that we ask is that you retain the original packaging and return the goods unused within seven days. The price of the clothing will then be refunded. If you do not see what you would like on our web site please telephone us on the number below during normal UK trading hours.

How to take care of your jeans

Everyone has at least a pair of pants that they love because they either look good on it and it perfectly fits or due to reasons well known to them making them treasure them. This means that the day those pants get torn or aged is a day of grief and great loss which has inspired many people to look into methods that can be used to extend the life of their favorite jeans.

One of the most known pieces of advice given to people is to avoid washing the jeans regularly as this prevents wear and tear. However, not everyone likes this piece of advice especially those who like doing laundry after wearing their clothes and believe that they are allergic even to the slightest dirt. In case you are in this category, when you wash your denim pants, make sure you use your hands because the machine causes color bleeding and interferes with the pigmentation.

Avoid the use of bleaching agents because they make the denim pants to deteriorate which might not be your wish. To avoid destroying the fabric, you can use laundry whiteners that remove stains and dinginess to avoid disrupting the dye and the coloring. Also, wash them inside out as this minimizes any potential damage to your favorite pants.

Air drying is the ideal method that you should use to dry your denim pants after washing in order to protect them from the direct sun heat. Ensure that you hang them indoors to preserve their color but you should place an old towel on the drying rack to protect the floor from stains dripping from the pants. In case the jeans become stiff, stick them in the dryer for some minutes to soften them but use the lowest heat. Using these tips has proven to be a success as long as you have the right quality of pants and especially if you store them well.

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